“In the autumn of 2010 Joanna took on a very nervous thoroughbred horse we were having great difficulty backing at home. She got the job done magnificently and when Fergus returned home a few months later he was ready to crack on and begin his successful career as a racehorse. We are indebted to Joanna for her help in getting him on the right track and I would not hesitate to use her again.” Katie Scott Racing, Galashiels

Before and after photos of Fergus the racehorse:
Fergus with the backing dummy Fergus winning

“Joanna Heaton was with us at Balcormo for three months during which time she started many of the young horses and made an excellent job. Joanna is very patient and understanding ,she has experience of many different horses and is quick to gain their trust and confidence. Sandra and I would both thoroughly recommend her methods and the results she produces  and  would have no hesitation in sending a young or difficult horse to her for livery and training.” Jacky Low-Mitchell, Balcormo Stud, Fife, Scotland

“Tumbling Dancer (Pepper) came to Balanced Equine with difficulty in saddling (biting and kicking) and difficult for her para rider to mount. Joanna is calm and highly knowledgeable and skilled. She trained both Pepper and rider. Pepper is now perfect to saddle and mount. She is much more relaxed and it is a great result. Thank you, Joanna.” Professor (Emerita) Karen McArdle FRSA, Fife, Scotland

“From the first time I watched Joanna working with horses I was totally impressed by her. She is very calm, knowledgeable but also authoritative with the horses. Joanna has worked with our three year old who we brought back from Romania and in that time Jo has worked wonders, literally. It was an extremely moving moment watching my 8 year old daughter ride Doinita, safely and happily with Jo after such a relatively short period of time that she has been worked. Not only is Jo brilliant with horses but she also has a brilliant attitude with the owners too!” Louisa Cocris, Fife, Scotland

“Joanna you are a treasure!... You have guided the mares that you have started for me... one especially being very challenging, to becoming pliable and willing to please partners. You yourself are very competent, intelligent and a most likeable person who gives confidence to both horse and owner with your talent... I, for one, would not hesitate to recommend you to any person or yard, and I definitely want you to produce my horses in the future. Thank you so much, from us All.” Linda Burns, Yeguada Las Lindas, Monda, Spain

“I must say the work that you have done with the horses has paid off handsomely, my life is so much easier when I want to do anything with them. Garcia is a dream to handle now along with her foal it makes the everyday tasks of doing things with her so enjoyable instead of a chore. Poor Robbie had a drop (abscess) in his foot... again the comfort I had handling him was magic; I was able to poultice and bandage his foot without any help at all.  Jeepers I could get used to this!! ” B. Power, Whitewell Farm, Wexford, Ireland

“I first met Jo on Sunday 1st February. She arrived at my farm to collect my three year old that had never been loaded and was terrified of the horsebox. Within an hour she had him in the box, completely relaxed and ready to travel. The following three weeks were the most enlightening experience I’ve had. The technique and professionalism shown by Jo towards me and my horse were exceptional… She is a credit to you (Kelly Marks), your teachers, and your organisation and to Monty Roberts himself. I would never again allow a horse of mine or anyone’s I know to be trained using conventional methods.” A. Norton, Carlow, Ireland

“The first time I asked for help because of my horse napping. Joanna showed me some ground work exercises and watched carefully as I worked on these with Nikki. She  was clear and precise about what she wanted us to do and  was able to point out the changes I needed to make to  improve my handling. The problem improved sinificantly. Then I asked for help because Iwas becoming increasingly nervous about clipping Nikki. Each year seemed to be worse than the last! Joana worked methodically, desensitising Nikki to the point where she  was able to safely clip parts that had never been clipped before (least not by me!) It took time but in my view time well spent as I will feel much more confident about tackling the job myself next time.”

“On both occasions I have found Joanna to be calm, cheerful and patient. She has explained clearly the principles behind the work that she does with horses and their owners and I now feel much better equipped to work on these by myself. I would have no hesitation in recommending Joanna to any horse owner who is interested in her methods.” Dr Rona McCarthy