A range of different livery packages are available at Thornbank Stables to meet you and your horse's individual needs. We offer Full, Part, Working or Grass livery.

Thornbank Stables is located in the peaceful, picturesque village of Blebo Craigs. It boasts the advantage of being a small, friendly, professional yard with a maximum of 10 liveries and help always being on hand if required.

The yard is ideally located for easy access to a variety of competition venues and also a short box ride to the beach. It has excellent hacking with stunning views across to St Andrews and Cupar. Kinnaird Cross Country course is also easily accessible by a 10 minute hack for hire.

At Thornbank Stables the welfare of the horses is paramount with turn out available all year round. We make our own hay that is included in all of our livery packages. Our facilities can be viewed on the facilities page. Trailer/lorry parking is available and liveries have their own key to our secure tack room.

Training Livery

Includes five individually tailored training sessions per week, seven days full care. Hay and hard feed as required. Training livery is charged at £175 per week.

Full Livery

Full livery includes a large, airy stable with rubber matting and a window so that the horses can always see one another. Daily turnout is provided to suit your horses needs. If you have a horse that requires individual turn out or restricted grazing this can be arranged. Daily care provided includes feeding, bringing in and turning out, mucking out, poo picking and picking out of feet. We feed Simple System feeds, a basic feed and balancer is included. Hay and straw is included. The cost for this package is £370 per month.

Part Livery

Part livery is the same as full livery detailed above but the owner is responsible for either turning the horse out in the morning or bringing the horse in in the evening. The price for this package is £325 per month.

Working Livery

Working livery includes everything listed in the full livery package above and also exercising the horse four or five days per week to suit your individual needs. This can include hacking, schooling, lunging and fittening work. Hunt and competition livery can also be arranged to include turn out.

5* working livery includes the horse being worked five days per week and is charged at £585 per month.

4* working livery includes the horse being worked four days per week and is charged at £542 per month.

Grass Livery

Grass livery includes a secure field with winter shelter either in a shared paddock or individual turn out can be arranged. Hay is included in all of our livery packages. We have an undercover area for tying up/grooming.

Grass livery on a DIY basis is available for £110 per month. With this package the owner is responsible for checking the horse daily, providing hard feed as required and regularly removing dung from the paddocks.

Grass livery on a Full basis is charged at £285 per month. With this package daily checks, basic hard feed and poo picking is included.

All our livery packages can be flexible to suit your individual requirements. Please discuss your needs to find your perfect livery agreement.

To arrange a viewing contact Jo on 07742103815.